Rubber Sheet

Rubber Sheet

Viton Rubber Sheet

Product Description

Product introduction:

Flouro Elastomer rubber or Viton is based on hexafluoropropylene vinylidene fluoride. Viton rubber sheet has high resistance to heat with a temperature range of -40℃ to +250℃. It also possesses a good flame resistance and is usually self extinguishing. FKM's have excellent resistance to oxygen, ozone and natural weathering and also have outstanding resistance to compression, especially at elevated temperatures. Its resistance to most solvents and chemicals give long service life as it has excellent resistance against hydrocarbons, aliphatics, aromatic and chlorinated chemicals and resistance to acids and alkalis including oxidants. However, they have poor performance against ethers, ketones and bases.


1)Outstanding performance in heat resistance, up to 200ºC.

2)Outstanding resistance to oxygen, ozone and weathering.

3)Excellent resistance to chemicals, acids&alkali.

4)Smooth or cloth wove surface.

Technical data:

QualitySpecific GravityTensile StrengthElongationHardnessTemperature
FKM Rubber2.05 g/cm35.0 Mpa150%75+/-5 shore A-30/+200℃
1.95 g/cm37.0 Mpa180%75+/-5 shore A-30/+230℃
ApplicationHigh pressure seals, caustic containers, high temp gaskets to name a few applications that Viton rubber is well suited for.
ITEM NO.TRS003Resistance









Width1000mm 1200mm 1400mmAgingGood
Length5m / 10mFuelGood
ColourBlack / Blue / GreenAcidityGood

OEM & customized size are agreed. Packing in rolls and pallets.

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