Hammer Matting

Product Description

Product introduction:

Hammer Grooved Top stable matting is an ideal heavy duty rubber useful as bedding in horse stables, cattle sheds and dog kennels. The rubber acts as like an anti- bacterial barrier due to its rubber properties. The effective bubble top pattern helps provide an anti-slip top surface, giving any animal suitable grip especially when having to lift themselves from the floor. The wide grooves on the underside act as adequate drainage for liquids (when placed in the direction of the stable door). Hammer Stable mats are a beneficial, cost effective bedding product which means fewer shavings are required. Ideal for its anti-fatigue properties making it an ideal product all round. It's widely used for milking platforms, entries and exits, dairy yards and pens,  loading ramps, cattle trucks, etc.

Technical data:

CodeSpecific GravityHardnessTensile StrengthElongationApplicationPolymer
Gm/cm3Shore AMPA%
TF0071.565+/-53180General PurposeNR/SBR
TF0071.3565+/-55220General PurposeNR/SBR
Standard Dimension

Thickness6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm

Width1000mm 1200mm 1400mm 1600mm

Length10m 15m


Hammer Matting

OEM & customized size are agreed. Packing in rolls and pallets.


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